Cupcakes and the boyfriend

Last night I finally managed to get some decent sleep in. As an insomniac every successful nap is a victory! The best part was not having nightmares to wake me and trigger a panic attack which is more than I can say of all the other sleep I’ve had in the last 1-2 weeks.

To help me with my depression I tend to do creative things – knitting, baking, drawing – and this week it’s been all about cupcakes!

I promised my boyfriend there would be a cupcake with his name on it. I kept my promise! It’s too bad he isn’t able to come get it and eat it, but I’ll be sending him a care package with stuff in it soon. I might bake him stuff that will last through shipping!

The funny thing is that I fell asleep while we Skyped and apparently I dreamed about him and the cupcakes. I don’t recall if I woke up or if I dreamed waking up, but I told him I dreamed about cupcakes and him and dozed off again.  Maybe that’s a sign I should bake cupcakes for him again?


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