Sock therapy

I truly enjoy knitting. My friend started teaching me the basics on a rectangular knitting loom earlier this year, and I have been hooked since. It’s extremely therapeutic and helps me focus on something other than my anxiety. It also proves to be an amazing tool to create unique gifts for friends and family!

As I’m sending my boyfriend a care package in the next two weeks, I’ve been planning on sending him a ton of goodies. A scarf themed after his favorite show is one of those goodies. The other is a pair of socks.

Because he has duty today and an adjacent shift immediately the next day, the time we get to spend talking is sparse. This tends to be rough on me because talking to him whenever we can is pretty routine for me and helps to stabilize my moods.

I’ve focused like crazy on knitting the last 20 rows on his scarf (only 18 left to go!) and making the first sock of the two pairs I’ve planned. It’s so incredibly useful that we have the same size feet. If it fits me, it fits him! I expect to be able to finish two socks by the time he gets off work.

What do you do to help focus on something other than anxiety when nobody is around to help distract you?


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