Technology tribulation

I’m just making a note here that I really loathe technology and its weird, unpredictable hiccups.

All night I spent being angry and frustrated with my internet for not functioning properly. I have an unconventional setup because my neighbors are gracious enough to let me share their internet. My router is hooked up to their modem and I have a range extended in my apartment to boost the signal.

Usually the range extender fucks up and needs a reset by unplugging the power. No big deal.

But when my router does this and remote reset does shit all, I can’t do anything until my neighbors are home or awake and can push the power button on the damn thing.

The most frustrating thing about this is that the fix is SO SIMPLE it makes me wonder why the issue has to exist in the first place. But hey, as someone who studied IT why am I even surprised anymore?


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