A disturbance in the force

This is by far my biggest knitting project yet. The first time I used these stitch patterns and got ‘creative’ with colors and texture.

It started out as an Applejack scarf.

Since then it has taken on a life of its own and started growing exceptionally fast. Now it’s mutated into a cross between a blanket and a scarf, which I’ve affectionately dubbed a scarfie for my boyfriend.

I have 8 rows left to knit on the yellow lining. And then I almost dropped a stitch without realizing.

Let me repeat that: I almost dropped a stitch without realizing.

To some of you this may mean very little. Perhaps you are skilled enough to fix this without losing your mind. Perhaps you don’t know how significant a dropped stitch is.

I almost cried.

I’m super thankful I’ve grown enough in the last half a year to know how to fix a dropped stitch when caught in time by using a crochet needle. If I hadn’t, I don’t even know what I would have done with the approximate 1,000 yards of yarn that went into this thing.


One thought on “A disturbance in the force

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