1,000 yards down the line

It’s been many weeks since I started this project. My first time trying two combinations of stitches to make a thick, fluffy and flexible scarf mutated into a half blankie, half scarf type of deal.

I did my best to get matching colors but had a bit of a hard time with it. It’s supposed to be an Applejack scarf, in her colors, with her cutie mark on both ends.

I just started binding off the work with the Elisabeth Zimmerman bind off. It’s my favorite in combination with the long tail cast on as they match very closely and it’s not too tight.

Although I’m not done yet, I hope to be able to knit the remaining 3 apples by Monday evening so I can sew them on and then give the whole thing a thorough hand wash before dousing it in my perfume (as per the boyfriend’s not creepy request). Hurray!


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