1,000 yards down the line

It’s been many weeks since I started this project. My first time trying two combinations of stitches to make a thick, fluffy and flexible scarf mutated into a half blankie, half scarf type of deal.

I did my best to get matching colors but had a bit of a hard time with it. It’s supposed to be an Applejack scarf, in her colors, with her cutie mark on both ends.

I just started binding off the work with the¬†Elisabeth Zimmerman bind off. It’s my favorite in combination with the long tail cast on as they match very closely and it’s not too tight.

Although I’m not done yet, I hope to be able to knit the remaining 3 apples by Monday evening so I can sew them on and then give the whole thing a thorough hand wash before dousing it in my perfume (as per the boyfriend’s not creepy request). Hurray!


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