Mission: Failed

My intention was to ship the package out by the 14th. It was my quest! Unfortunately, I ran into a few bumps in the road with my health.

I had a major breakdown a couple of days ago because little things that happened bottled up. I assumed I was overreacting with the things that bugged me. In the end, I just broke down bawling and told him how I felt.

Needless to say that consumed immense amounts of energy. I was too tired to knit much, nevermind tackle the last sprint on this project!

So I’ve concluded that Saturday (and the night following it into Sunday) I’m going to finish up sewing all the apples, stalks and leaves onto the scarf, then wash that and the socks on Sunday morning so it has a day to dry. Then I’ll be packing everything up Sunday evening and shipping it off on Monday!

I have 3 apples sewn on, 1 complete with stalk and leaf. That leaves 5 apples to finish completely, and then I’m done!


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