I am the Night

A while ago there was a pretty epic sale on Humble Bundle that included Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City GOTY editions. Usually I really prefer first person shooters, but I heard some really good things about the Batman games so I got my hands on both of them.

Between knitting and dealing with my usual emotional rollercoasters, I’ve been playing Arkham Asylum and it’s been a most pleasant surprise! The story is really good, which is to be expected considering it’s written by Paul Dini. The voice actors are excellent, but again this is no surprise considering the same people voiced the characters in the animated series. (Which I believe the game actually deserves many extra credits for! I love me some consistency.)

Although you play from a third person over-the-shoulder perspective, the game is versatile enough to please my need for sweet combat and puzzling your way through levels by stealth attacks and problem solving. It’s fast paced so that you don’t get bored by doing the same thing consecutively, but the story isn’t rushed to accomplish this. I like that places you visit don’t get abandoned once you pass them like in many other games. Sometimes you have to revisit them and discover new items, or you finally have access to areas you didn’t previously due to obtaining new gadgets.

My first run through any game is always done on Easy mode so that I won’t get discouraged when adjusting to a game’s features, so I can’t comment on the difficulty of the game quite yet. I’m still in the middle of the game (approx. 35% in) but I have to admit I did run into some bumps here and there. This actually makes me excited to try normal and hard modes once I beat the game.

There are puzzles and side quests to solve. I don’t bother with them on first runs usually, so I’m going to have a blast finding the answers to the Riddler’s puzzles and locating all the trophies. I’m casually collecting asylum patients interview tapes when I see them, but I’ll also pursue finding them all in my next run.

I have been spoiled and satiated by a large number of really great games in the past few years. I’m a lot more critical of games than I used to be, so when one strikes my fancy, it is really good. I’m looking forward to finishing Akrham Asylum and running on other difficulties, and I hope that Arkham City will be just as great as the first game!

Now to wait for Batman: Arkham Origins to be on sale. I need it.


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