Then there’s the good

So my boyfriend doesn’t have to work today after all. I slept a couple of hours while we were on Skype and have enjoyed coffee and warm rolls.

Boyfriend’s caught a bug and isn’t feeling well. It’s been 12 hours since he took some Nyquil and went to sleep, and I don’t have the heart to wake him even though I’ve nobody else to talk to right now and I’m bored out of my mind.

I have three cats, and all of them have caught a cold as well. Lots of sneezing, wet kitty noses and projectile snot going everywhere. Am I the only one who’s not physically sick?

Thankfully none of them have a fever or discharge from the eyes. They eat and drink properly and they’re just not as active as usual, but still alert and running around. I’m not that worried anymore.

Here’s to health!


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