It’s not an obsession

Am I the only one who picked up knitting recently, has completed a handful of projects and now can’t stop obsessing over seeing knitting everywhere?

I’m talking about finding a random picture on the internet of an animal wearing a cute sweater, and all you can think is ‘I wonder what pattern was used, can I make this myself?’

Or you’re watching a movie and someone is knitting, and your whole attention shifts to the knitter to try and figure out what they’re working on.

Or you’re seeing someone walking down the street with an awesome scarf and you wonder if you can make one just like it.


5 thoughts on “It’s not an obsession

  1. It’s perfectly normal – you’re a knitter. This is how we are. We see knitted stuff and we are drawn like iron filings to a magnet. We also hoard huge piles of yarn. We have to admit in saner moments that we could not possibly use it all, but we just…can’t…stop…

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