Time to think about me

I have two projects going on right now as far as knitting goes. Neither of them are for myself but I found this lovely gem today and decided it’s time to be selfish.

One problem I run into is that I have no idea how to crochet. I REALLY want those frilly edges on my shawl, but I’ve no idea where to start with the crochet thing. Does anyone have any Youtube tutorials that explain the stitches this pattern mentions?

Wide shawl

The shawl can be worn around the shoulders or as a scarf.

Dimensions of the scarf without the crocheted edge: approx. 120×18 cm (before it is sewn together into a tube).
Yarn required: approx. 320 g Molly yarn, approx. 60 g of which is for the crocheted edge.
We used the yarns Molly light blue (323594) and light gray (323598).
Knitted with Quick Knit 35 cm (021794).
Crochet hook 6 mm (981758) needed for the edge.

Knit over 13 pegs with a single yarn until the work measures about 120 cm. Cast off.
Sew the short sides together with yarn in the same colour. We made a twist in the shawl before sewing it together.

Crocheted edge:
Crochet with a different colour of yarn along one
long side of the shawl.
Crochet either however you want or follow our
Round one is crocheted with double crochet stitch-es all the way around.
Round two is crocheted *2 double crochet stitches,
3 chain stitches, skip 1 double crochet.
Repeat from * the entire round.
Round three *crochet 3 chain stitches, 2 double
crochet stitches.
Repeat from * the entire round.
Repeat the crochet process on the other side of the
Secure all loose yarn ends.

I found this online in a Facebook knitting group I’m a part of. I’m going to see which yarn I’ll use for this, but I’ll keep you updated!


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