My little knitter

The surprise my boyfriend had last Saturday was an early return from underway. HURRAH! Apparently the ship broke down and they had to return to port. I’m secretly very thrilled and happy we had the weekend together. He has a normal working schedule until the 20th, and then it’s holiday standdown until after the new year.

I think we’re drinking again tonight, or this weekend? He made a mention of the amount of booze he has left from our last booze weekend. I probably sound like a big time alcoholic. I only drink socially though, and to be honest only with my boyfriend because we’re comfortable with each other. I prefer not to get smashed in a bar among a bunch of strangers, thank you kindly.

The sock is coming along nicely too. Dette (my lady kitty) dropped by to check it out and posed for a picture.

It’s my first time knitting this pattern and stitch and I have a feeling the sock will be too tight for mine and my boyfriend’s ginormous feet. We’ll have to see when it’s done though, it’s still hard to tell. Snug fits aren’t bad, but they shouldn’t be uncomfortably snug either. Thankfully I can still save most of the yarn if it turns out to be crap. I’ll let you all know how it turns out!


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