Freedom at my fingertips

I hope everyone’s had great holidays! Although I’ve kept a low profile, the past couple of weeks have been pretty good to me. I’ve worked on some knitting projects on and off, with several more planned for the near future.

At the moment I’m focusing on 3 things:

  • Another pair of socks for my boyfriend
  • The RPR double knitted logo
  • A pair of fingerless mitts for myself

I got money from my parents and sister to spend on knitting supplies. I went to the store and got a 4 piece set of round knitting looms (41 pins to 24 pins) so I can also knit hats and stuff a lot easier now. That doesn’t mean I’m ‘done’ with knitting supplies… I’m craving a particularly expensive set of circular knitting needles. Even if I had a credit card (in the Netherlands, debit cards don’t double as credit cards, they’re very different) I could never justify spending so much money on these, but I want them so bad.

Some people from the FB knitting group I’m a part of have been ordering yarns from, so after a couple of reviews and some research I decided to purchase a couple of lots of very interesting colors. They’re found under Baby colors and are called Magic Light. They come in 4 balls per lot at $8 (USD), which is very cheap compared to the €3-5 per ball for this kind of color.

Doesn’t it look pretty? I got the rainbow colored ones, the yellow red orange ones, and the white blue ones. I ordered shortly after Christmas with Paypal, and I received the package just after New Year’s with a weekend in between. I’m pretty impressed with their shipping time, the order arrived in perfect condition, and although shipping costs were a little high, the total price for each balls of yarn is still significantly cheaper than if I had purchased them from a store here. I do recommend checking them out.

At the moment my focus lies on creating a full pair of fingerless mitts with the rainbow magic light yarn, as seen in the featured image at the top of the post. The first mitt turned out a little loose and I did a poor job at the seam.

I reduced the number of cast on stitches on the second mitt and I’ll be paying particular attention to the seam and the bind off for the wrist. I’ll also add more rows to make it longer, going from 45 rows of the rainbow color to about 70 or so. In the first mitt, I used k1 p1 on the purple parts, and k2 p2 on the rainbow colors. I’ve decided to go k2 p2 for the whole mitt now instead, as I noticed the k1 p1 combination is very loose compared to the other stitches. I’m also going to use a simpler, tighter bind off for the wrist so that it fits more tightly. The long tail cast on is perfect for the finger area though.

With the holidays over, my boyfriend’s standdown is also done with. He was supposed to go underway again this Tuesday, but he showed up again 5 hours later. Technical problems postponed the trip and he got off work early, so we spent the evening and night talking and sitting together after playing some Borderlands 2. They’re apparently going underway again tomorrow, but who knows? They’re trying to go out on a ship that needs to be repaired before it can go on any sort of trip, so there’s a chance it’s not happening.

In the event it does though, I’ve vowed to myself to be better about being without him for 10 days. My full attention will go to knitting. I may even take care of the pigstall I call my apartment to keep me occupied. Wish me luck!


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