Fashion puppy

It’s been an interesting week and a half. My boyfriend’s been underway since the 7th, and he’s returning home tonight. We’ve managed to email almost every day but I still missed him terribly! It’s just not the same without hearing him laugh or teasing him about silly things.

It’s a good thing I’ve kept myself busy.

A friend of mine was feeling down lately and to cheer him up, I told him I would knit him a doggy sweater for the most precious creature on the world to him.

Meet Oscar, my second appointed doggy nephew in the world! Now Oscar and his daddy are in the US and I’m not. I did my best knitting the sweater to his measurements but I won’t know if it’s a good fit until it gets there in a week or so and I get pictures of Oscar showing off.

I knitted this on my 36 pin round loom with 9mm yarn in 3 different colors. There are some mistakes in it because it’s still my first doggy sweater ever and it was a matter of trying out new things. However, I learned a lot from it and I’m going to knit a second one as soon as I know if I did well!

This weekend I won’t be busy with knitting. I’ll be spending it with my boyfriend as much as possible!


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