Catching up

I think the biggest event in the past 6 months has been my health deteriorating further than ever before. On June 2nd, I had an appointment with my physical therapist because I’d been in a lot of pain. My back hurt, I had difficulty walking and even laying in bed did not relieve any of it. I stood at my friend’s front door (she would drive me to my appointment) and I looked her in the eyes and said “I can’t do this”. I tried to take one more step and felt/heard a loud pop in my spine, instantly followed by the most agonizing pain shooting down my right leg into the tip of my toes. Then I collapsed unable to stand any longer.

I cried out so loudly from pain that numerous neighbors rushed outside. My friend called our equivalent of 911 and an ambulance came down. I was shot up with incredible amounts of morphine and with a lot of pain and effort, they managed to put me on a plastic sheet and hoisted me onto a stretcher. The trip to the hospital was incredibly painful – the painkillers wore off really fast and every bump and speed change stressed my spine more and more.

Long story short, I was stuck in the hospital for over a week. Initially they refused to give me an MRI scan because they suspected it was a hernia and it’s not necessary to get a scan for that. I insisted (after 3 years of back issues I was SO sick and tired of it) and after the scan they found a really big hernia in my lower back.

After a week I’d recovered enough on painkillers that I could walk, and I was sent home with massive amounts of painkillers to manage the pain. I’m doing better every week, but I still have to be very careful not to overdo things. The medication makes it increasingly difficult to focus, too, which sucks.


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