Help I’m melting!

Heat is my worst enemy, and it just so happens that my apartment will not cool down. Even when it does for 6 hours at night, the rest of the day it’s like a greenhouse and my amazonian self is not equipped to handle this.

I spent the day at my parents’ place. When I arrived I hadn’t eaten, I only took my medication and had some water. I made myself a nutella sandwich and had some iced tea and water, and from that moment on I felt so very sick. My whole body was just sweating from feeling ill and nothing I did alleviated the nausea.

I suffered for six hours until my dad asked me what I wanted to eat. I said I was in for a pizza, hoping that a decent meal would help settle my stomach. The minute I looked at the menu card I felt my mouth water up in that special “I’m about to vomit” way, and rushed to the bathroom. I had been waiting for that for six hours, I wasn’t even upset that I emptied my stomach repeatedly. The relief was instant and so wonderful!

I went back to the living room as if nothing happened and instead of feeling sick at the thought of pizza, I was hungry. Hurray! We ordered and I only managed to eat 3 slices (which came down to what I ate all day), but that’s better than nothing.

With a full tummy and only a minor headache left, I joined my dad outside to socialize with the neighbors. Due to my hernia I haven’t spent much time outside so I’m white as a milk bottle and received quite a few comments and questions about it. “Did you stand next to the sun?” “Should I butter you up and grill you for a bit until you’re golden brown?” “Do you glow in the dark?” – I think it’s hilarious, I couldn’t care less about being tan or not.

At 11pm I went home and took the leftove pizza with me. I’m back in the greenhouse and began to sweat instantly. Ugh. I threw open all windows but the cool air refuses to properly circulate throughout my place. I ate another slice and I’m considering dunking my feet in my foot bath with ice water to regulate my temperature.

It really does suck being a 6’1″ Amazon Warrior Princess who can’t stand heat.


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