Something is leeking

Its 4am and I just finished slicing and washing the leek I bought the other day. Three freezer bags full are now chilling in the freezer waiting for the next time I’m cooking something.

This is testimony to how upset I am about my boyfriend deploying. I’m forcing myself to eat and try to distract myself with games and friends. I promised him I wouldn’t be depressed and be happy that he’s earning money for our future together.

He managed to come online before they left to say goodbye in the 10 minutes he had. Three weeks from now they will be in Hong Kong and while he will have internet, we don’t know if we can Skype. But that’s okay. As long as we get to type to each other in real time I’m happy. We can also send each other voice messages over Whatsapp. He made me promise I’d send him voice messages in these three weeks so he has a voice log to listen to when they get to the port.

There’s also another thing: on the 31st we’re picking up the new puppy. I’m glad I have that to look forward to!


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