It’s wet outside

It’s raining buckets outside and I’ve been puppysitting the dog. He keeps trying to eat my shoelaces and bite me (playtime!). Except I prefer my shoelaces intact and I don’t like biting much, so I end up squealing like an upset puppy and he stops and gives me a funny look. It’s so cute!

Gave him food and made sure he was calm when I fed him. He got super excited about feeding time in the beginning but it’s getting better! After dinner we went for a walk. He’s super well behaved on the leash (for an excited loving puppy that is) and his fear for cars that pass us at five yards distance is almost gone.

Because his breed is a water dog he doesn’t care one bit about the rain. He was soaked when we got back but his coat hasn’t become water resistant yet, so I tried to dry him off. He was more interested in gnawing on the towel than getting dry.

Now he’s passed out beneath the coffee maker rack. Wonder how long that will last.


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