Puppy Madness

Our little adorable fluff ball has been home for almost a week now and he’s doing more than excellent! Already he’s extremely loyal and he walks well on the leash, does most of his business outside or on the fake grass mat during the nights and overall he’s a playful and adorable little thing.

Isn’t he just downright darling?! His fur is still incredibly soft and curly, but when he grows up it will grow a bit greasy. The good thing about this breed is that he requires virtually no care for his coat whatsoever. At best you can douse him with plain water (or let him take a swim) and the dirt just falls right off when he dries up. Brushing is a ‘once in a while’ thing with a coarse brush, but only rarely. Too much brushing isn’t good for him!

He is so incredibly adorable I can’t get enough of him. My parents are going out to a barbecue workshop tonight, so in about half an hour I’m leaving and puppysitting for a couple of hours. It’s still a bit too early to leave him alone for too long.


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