Silly kitty

The struggle is real. My wonderful, loving, adoring and silly Tuxedo kitty Dette has had a hot spot on the back of her thigh for a year now.

She’s had multiple vet visits so far. The vet gives her a numbing shot that numbs the itch from the spot, as well as antibiotics and some pills for afterwards. (The pills don’t work by the way.) I apply hydrocortison cream regularly to help speed up healing. Somehow the flexible little shit gets around the cone and manages to lick and chew the spot all over again. It’s so frustrating because it will heal up to about 95%, with only one speck of a wound left, and then we’re back at square one.

She’s an absolutely amazing cat. Smart, loving, extremely trusting, but medically she’s a nightmare to treat. It’s not that she’s difficult to handle, quite on the contrary. She’s quiet, a bit nervous but doesn’t strike out or become unmanageable. It’s the aftercare that’s tricky. When she got fixed in January 2013, the vet insisted that she didn’t need a cone. “Female cats usually leave the stitches alone, it’ll be fine.” I insisted that she get a cone because I know her. My sister’s girlfriend at the time loaned me a medical pet shirt just in case.

Sure enough, two days later she managed to wiggle out of her cone and shirt, and she chewed through the stitches. It was so bad that she got to the muscle layer. If I’d been there an hour later, her insides would have fallen out and she probably would have died. The vet patched her back up and I fixed up a contraption that connected her shirt and the cone to a collar so that she  couldn’t take either one off. Two weeks later the stitches were taken out and everything was well.

I would put a pet shirt on her again if it wasn’t for the insane amount of shedding that will ensue. It’s so bad for her fur and skin and in this heat it may kill her too. My boyfriend gave me money before his deployment to make a vet appointment, but I haven’t been able to go yet and I fear it may not be enough for follow up treatments.

As my parents are taking the puppy to my vet this afternoon to get his shots updated, I asked my dad if he can get a bigger cone for Dette. I sent him the pictures and texted him that it’s about 4 inches from neck to ears. I’m hoping that a bigger cone will prevent her from getting to the hot spot so that more vet visits won’t be necessary. At this point I’m not even concerned with her ability to eat. I’ll spoon feed her if I have to. This damn hot spot needs to heal up. I want my cat back without a cone. 😦



5 thoughts on “Silly kitty

  1. do you know the cause of the hot spot? talk to the vet about food allergies – we have a cat who can’t have grain or chicken. made the change, in a few days, fur was growing, cat was calmer.

    • If she has allergies she would have more spots to chew on all over her body. It’s only one spot, on the back of her leg. She doesn’t upset anything else even when I take the cone off.

      Hot spots often occur from something simple, like a small scratch that heals and itches. This prompts more licking and biting, which makes the wound larger. She’s basically picking a scab the second it starts bothering her and never stops. As long as I can prevent her from reaching the spot and allowing it to heal properly, she’ll be fine. But she doesn’t give me a break and stays off it long enough. The cone’s just too small.

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