Clash of the cuteness

Today, my cats met my parents’ puppy. I didn’t expect anything to go wrong, but the whole thing was a little anti climatic overall. Which is good!

The puppy was a bit timid because he didn’t know what to make of the cats. The cats were in a similar position, although they mostly ignored him. There was some hissing and some swiping from the cats when he got too close, but overall everything went well! Mostly everyone just relaxed and snoozed a while.

In other news, my parents grabbed a new cone from the vet’s for me and it looks like this will be the solution to my cat’s hot spot problem. I’m keeping a close eye on her to see if she can eat and drink properly with it, but there is no way she can get to her wound now. If it heals up properly now, I’ll be very happy!


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