Cats and burritos


Yesterday was supposed to be burrito day. I ended up taking a nap at 3pm that somehow turned into a 12 hour coma, so I missed dinner and woke up hungry at 3am. I spent a couple of hours loitering on the internet and then did dishes while watching a Yogscast playlist: Minecraft – Hole Diggers on my tablet. (Got to do something to make chores fun, right?)

So when 9am rolled around, I figured it was time for a little breakfast. Fixed up some meat with bell pepper and corn, burrito seasoning and made myself a very awkward wrap with grated cheese, garlic sauce and bunches of lettuce. In case you hadn’t noticed, I don’t know how to wrap burritos. I actually looked up a YouTube video that taught me how to after I took the picture! Once the filling cools down, I’m wrapping 4 more burritos to keep in the fridge for later today and tomorrow. (Maybe I can even freeze them!)

What I don’t understand is what makes a burrito filling so dang interesting for my tuxedo cat. I can leave all sorts of food on the stove and she won’t touch it, but the second I leave some burrito filling in the pan I can’t turn around or she’s eating away at it. It’s so bizarre. The only thing I can think of is that the seasoning is especially attractive. Or my cat’s just really really weird.


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