My first bread

For the longest time I’ve wanted to bake my own bread. Stores in Germany have this really great bread flour mix with yeast for only 80 cents per package (1 kilogram / 2 pounds) that yields 3 small loaves or one big one. All you have to do is add lukewarm water and a spoon of vegetable oil and then mix it up! So after obtaining a package of ciabatta flour, I set out to bake my first bread today. I’m not a terrible baker but I have little experience with letting dough rise for things like this, so the results were both a hit and a miss.

Although I used lukewarm water (25C) and my kitchen was about 23C, the dough simply didn’t rise. I took a gamble and shoved it into the oven. Lo and behold, it began to rise really fast! I forgot to slit the top though. Oops.

It baked up really nice otherwise – the smell is delicious, and while it doesn’t look that nice I bet it tastes good. I’m letting it cool down and am saving it for dinner in about 3-4 hours.

Whatever the case, I learned some valuable lessons today. My next try I’m heating my oven to about 50C and let it cool down for a bit until its nice and cozy inside (thermometer should say anything between 25-30C) so I can let the dough rise in there. I may also use warmer water up to about 30C. Let’s see how that goes! For 80 cents a package yielding 3 of the loaves seen below, I certainly don’t mind experimenting.



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