I’m begging for your help

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My darling Dette is a very smart and loving cat. Last year she developed a hot spot from a minor scratch. We visited the vet twice, and it almost healed up completely with numbing shots, frequent disinfection and applying special creams until her shots wore off. Then the cycle started all over again. Despite wearing a cone, it was too small and she managed to get around it to lick and bite the spot.

Last week she was given a new and bigger cone to avoid that. Today, I saw she’d been agitating her entire leg with the edge of the cone, which is now coated in both blood and serum.


All of the wetness is serum, excreted through the wound from all the chafing. This is after I cleaned her up. She’s at serious risk of infection due to the large area that’s afflicted. She does not stop agitating it no matter what I do.

While I had a stable income when I adopted her, allowing me to take care of her medical needs (she’s chipped, fixed and vaccinated), I fell ill in 2012 and was put on disability. I love my cats very much and I save up every year to get them their shots despite my limited funds. When money is short for food, their food comes first.

I’m reaching out because I can’t stand to see her suffer like this and I’m at my wit’s end. She’s forced to wear a cone constantly because without she will chew through her skin into her fat and muscle tissue. She’s in constant distress from the itching and aching. A couple of measly shots from the vet stop this and allow her to heal so she can become a normal cat again.

Estimated vet bills are approximately €300. They don’t have payment plans for regular non-emergency visits so I’m forced to wait until I have the money to get her treated.

I have very little to give in return, unfortunately. As a knitter I’m investigating animal charities to see if I can knit for animals in need or knit items to sell for charity to pay your kindness forward.

If you can’t donate, sharing this page would be incredibly helpful. Thank you for your time and please give your pets a big, squishy hug from me!


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