Why I like My Little Pony

Why would any grown person like a children’s show like My Little Pony? I used to wonder this myself until I gave it a shot and discovered that there is a lot in the show that adults can like without problem.

It’s unfortunate that the creeps – which exist in every fandom may I add – have given the adult fan base such a terrible name. I’m so sorry that these people exist and choose something as innocent as MLP to do their weird shit with, but I hope you understand that it doesn’t represent the fans as a whole. We’re decent folk overall, and like every community, we just have a bunch of rotten apples that get all the spotlight. I’m just a regular woman with regular hobbies doing regular things, and I just happen to like a show aimed at children. So does my boyfriend.

The reason is quite simple. Where the previous MLP cartoons were mostly unmemorable and air headed to fit an outdated stereotype for girls, the new MLP show is more about life and friendship. That is a universal theme that applies to all genders, and is still applicable to everyday adult life.

Chances are, everyone can identify with at least 2 of the main characters, if not all of them. They have very clear personality traits and they are trying to fulfill their dreams while facing everyday challenges with family, friends and strangers that most of us have run into at one point or another or can closely relate to. The show is a slice of life with a bit of magic and sparkles sprinkled on top. Almost every episode centers back on overcoming challenges about friendship and morality. Where it teaches children important life lessons, it reminds us adults that not everything in this world has to be taken on alone.

It reminds me that real friends are there with you when you need them. It reminds me that asking for help is not a shameful thing to do. It reminds me that just because someone did something bad, they’re not a bad person at heart. It reminds me that people who mean well sometimes do something bad without realizing it. It reminds me that love runs so deep it can overcome challenges we deem impossible.

So when someone says the show is ‘for little girls, not for grown adults’, I think they’re wrong. It may have been intended for a specific audience, but the creators of the show have surpassed themselves by creating a cartoon that puts everyone’s life into a wonderful light and reminds adults what they may have forgotten. Is it really such a surprise then that men and women alike can identify with MLP and genuinely love it?


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