Loafing around

I’m finally sort of recovering from the whole ordeal I’ve gone through in the past couple of weeks. Appointment after appointment after appointment… And that’s only the beginning of a difficult time ahead of me. I have an appointment tomorrow with an insurance doctor to determine if I can get a different type of disability, next week I have a mandatory workshop and more. I’m so, so tired.

But that’s not why I’m writing this post. For the past 4 weeks I’ve been baking homemade bread almost every day and I haven’t gotten any store bought bread since. Not only is baking bread pretty therapeutic and motivating me to get things done, I also found that my bread fills much more! I can’t say for sure how much cheaper it is. The flour is definitely cheaper than getting a loaf from the store, but I’m also eating more bread because it doesn’t stay fresh beyond the second day, so for dinner I often have bread, french toast, toast with soup or whatever – simple and quick meals to get rid of the leftover bread.

On the other hand, I’m not throwing out a third of a loaf because it spoiled like I often had to do with store bought. I suppose that’s a nice trade-off by itself. Also no more plastic packaging. My oven runs on electricity, which is also largely generated by wind turbines here. There are many advantages to it.

And then there’s flavor and quality. If there’s anything I’ve learned this past month, it’s that you cannot beat a freshly baked loaf. That first slice while it’s still warm is the absolute best.


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