The Living Pin Cushion

It’s been a while. After being banished to my bed with a renewed herniated disc, I just haven’t had the energy or will power to blog. With the aid of morphine and the excellent care of my wonderful parents I’m making a recovery however. I’m saving up to get surgery on my back, but that may take a while.

I finally got definitive results from my physician on my blood test. I’m “somewhere between type 1 and type 2 diabetic”, which is oodles of fun. I believe this classifies me as a type 1.5, or LADA, or whatever you want to call it. Our first goal is to go with oral medication. I’ve been on metformin for a month or so now without any results, so my doctor also prescribed me gliclazide. We’re increasing the dosages for both medications to the maximum and hopefully this will bring down my glucose levels back within normal range. If it doesn’t, then my only alternative is becoming insulin dependent.

My dad is a type 2 diabetic and purchased a glucometer a while ago. He used it a couple of times, but he gets his regular checkups at the office. I borrowed it from him when I couldn’t make my appointments to check my levels due to my hernia, now he told me I could keep it. (Before anyone pitches in, I know that you’re not supposed to do this; rest assured that I cleaned the tools and that I’m not worried about an infection. This stuff is expensive, no sense in throwing it out. He’s my dad after all!) I ordered new test strips and lancets as his ran out that should come in Tuesday or so.

Testing my own blood is annoying but manageable. Chances are that down the road insulin dependence will happen regardless of the medication, so I’m preparing myself for that. I’m not sure how well I’ll do, but I keep telling myself there are plenty of people who overcame their fears and made this a manageable disease. I can too.

Are you a diabetic or know someone who is? What are your experiences with the process?


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