It’s alive!!

I pulled my buttercake out of the oven exactly one minute ago, took a picture and rushed to here to update you on my findings of the sugarfree recipe. First of all, it looks hella good:


I followed the recipe for 250 gr flour / 200 gr butter / 17 grams sucralose / 1 egg and added some lemon zest to it while I was at it (you can add some vanilla or rum flavoring too, whatever strikes your fancy – the basic recipe can be adjusted in many ways!). Interesting to notice is that this 24cm springform pan didn’t quite fill out so well with these amounts, so I’m tempted to make any future batches with 300/250/20 (the sucralose amount depends on how much I like the taste of this cake!). The cake is supposed to be thin, but I get a feeling this one’s a little too thin.

It also shrunk a little from the insides, which a buttercake with sugar never did before when I made them. It may just be the amount of dough though. The smell is delicious – exactly like the original recipe!!

Can’t comment on texture and flavor quite yet, as I’m allowing it to cool in the pan before I cut and taste it, but so far it seems like it’s working out nicely. Keeping you posted!


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