Oh no, the crumbs!

So I cut the cake I baked and was immediately disappointed with the texture; too crumbly! I may have been impatient and cut it before it completely cooled though. (Yes, shame on me! I’m not a patient woman.) The flavor is fine, just sweet enough and no funny aftertaste, just a bit of lingering sweetness from the residue cake on my tongue.

Now the slightly too crumbly texture could be a number of things. I may have measured the amount of sucralose wrong which affected the texture (volume may work better than weight in this case). I may have cooked the cake too long. I may have used too small an egg. Maybe the cake needed more time to cool so that the butter holds the whole thing together better.


Still, the bites turned out better than I’d hoped. I virtually can’t tell the difference between the real sugar and sucralose version in taste. Now keep in mind that the artificial sweetener does not have the same effect on texture as sugar does so that will always play a factor, but I think I’m fairly happy having a working substitute for my sweet tooth that is safe and yummy!

If you decide to make a buttercake yourself, don’t gorge. It’s a very hearty, rich treat and just two pieces may leave you full and satisfied.

I’m sorry for so many new posts in just a day, but to those who’ve been following my progress real time, thank you for your likes and companionship on this experiment! 🙂


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