Oh shit – Valentine’s Day?!

Well, this one completely slipped my mind. It’s only two weeks until the commercial day of love and there’s no way I can get something to my boyfriend in time. Mail takes at least a month to get to his ship while he’s deployed. Shit.

I’m really bad with holidays like this. They just aren’t that important to me. I take much more pleasure out of giving things throughout the rest of the year for no reason. Call me a hipster, I think it’s a lot more genuine that way. Sure we can celebrate one occasion once a year, but isn’t it the days between those dates that matter the most? August 15th is our anniversary, but I like to think we celebrate our relationship every day no matter what.

Anyway, I’m not too worried. I’ll make this up to him soon. 🙂 I’m itching to knit him a plushie of his favorite character, a pattern that’s been sitting in my library for over half a year now. I wonder if I can throw in a small cowboy hat too, somehow. The pattern doesn’t include it so I’ll go hunting for it soon.


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