What just happened?

50 Shades of Grey is little more than a disease, and it’s unsettling how the author rejects the impact her books have.


So this week in twitter-land I started to feel like I had fallen out of a Cranes song: “Where am I? Where am I?” –but without the awesome bass drop 😦

I think it’s pretty clear by this point what my feelings are about Fifty Shades of Grey. If you aren’t sure, see my earlier post.

Let’s begin with this:
We recently discovered that in an article, E.L. James said she is “freaked out” when people claim they see domestic violence in 50shades, and that people who claim such are “trivializing” the experiences of real domestic violence victims. Yeah…. Jenny Trout offers up a fabulous rebuttal. So we keep trying to explain to E. L. James that domestic violence victims are the ones trying to bring awareness to domestic violence in her books. We just want her to acknowledge this. Word on the street is that…

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