Sewing the seeds of progress

On the menu is a knitted glucometer purse. As with most knitted containers, it will need a fabric lining to avoid overstretching, as well as a fancy zipper to keep things inside. This basically means that sewing is now, officially, on the menu.

And it’s terrifying.

I used to hand sew when I was a little kid, but besides some basic stitching and messing around, I never did anything. Nothing I made ever held up and I abandoned it fairly soon. I never was interested in learning how to machine sew either, so when I realized I had to figure out hand or machine sewing if I wanted to make this project work out, I panicked just a little.

I searched YouTube for videos on hand sewing and thought to myself “I can do this!”. But I didn’t really look forward to sewing the zipper into the purse by hand and so I started to think. I turned to my mom and asked her if she could show me how to use the sewing machine so I could practice and then sew the purse, and out of nowhere she told me I could just have it. A few days later I’m the proud new owner of a 30 year old sewing machine that still works really well.

My friend showed me how to use it as she does a lot of sewing very regularly, and we ran into some issues with tension and the bobbin screwing up so I took it to a shop for some maintenance. This afternoon I picked it up (the man in the store was very kind and carried it to my car for me so I wouldn’t stress my back!) and my mom invited me over to pick up some extra fabric and supplies she still had (including extra bobbins!). I sat down at the machine and gave it a whirl.


For someone who never used a sewing machine before, I really want to say ‘not bad’. I couldn’t practice for very long due to my back issues, so I took a break, had some food and then came back a while later to try again.


Hurray! (I don’t know what that mystery stain is, but I’m going to guess it’s some diet coke I must have spilled on my desk.) At this point I’m just messing around to try out different settings and become familiar with the machine’s little quirks and ways. Next up I’ll have to sew a mock purse and see how that works out. My main focus has to be starting and ending my sewing properly though, to ensure it’ll hold up!


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