The Cat is in the Bag

Wait, that’s not right. I distinctly recall making… a bread bag! (Although I’m sure that won’t stop my cats from trying to get inside it whenever they get the chance.)


After months of saying “I really want a bread bag”, I finally did it. My glucometer purse is still in the making and I have to check if the machine can actually feed the cotton fabric and the knitted fabric through at the same time, but that’s not going to stop me now.

I obtained two kitchen towels from the dollar store and some shoe laces and set to work after reading through this lovely tutorial. I quickly found out that I had massive towels at 65x65cms each (which is about 26x26inches). For my loaves that’s really just a tad too big. I measured around a little and finally settled down for just folding them in half. Which, coincidentally, turned out amazing because the pattern is divided into one half stripes, one half solid color. Instant double pattern!

To avoid a lot of heartache over wasted fabric, I used an old kitchen towel that was worn down with large holes and faded colors to try this on first. A good idea, because I made a handful of mistakes that I neatly avoided when it came down to the real thing!

That didn’t change the fact I broke two needles in the machine when I tried to sew the first part. I didn’t realize that the towel’s own hems, folded over twice already from the factory sewing and then folded twice again by myself was too much for the poor foot to handle. The fabric got stuck, the needle couldn’t go anywhere and SNAP, all sorts of mayhem all over the damn place. I’m grateful that I have a  whole bunch of replacement needles. After the second one broke I decided to snip off the hems and just go with a bigger needle, even though the rest of the towel was pretty thin and had no problem with the smaller needle. Lesson learned!

I happily sewed along and didn’t really run into any other problems after that. Feeding the shoelace through the fabric was a bitch, so I ended up tying it to my crochet hook and shoving that stupid thing through instead. No more headache for this gal!

I am super happy with the end result and the only thing that struck me as annoying was the length of it. Don’t get me wrong, I need a big bag for large loaves of bread. I do bake those. But I had this small loaf I made last night that had so much room in the darn thing it felt like throwing a loaf down a hallway. Very annoying!

Armed with pins and more sewing thread, I sat down and cut up the second towel after a bit of measuring. Fifteen minutes later my bread bag became a mommy to a little bread baggy!

This whole process was immensely fun and interesting with a tad of frustration on the side. I’ll never stop loving to knit, but there are just some things that are better off being sewn instead. (Plus it’s nice to take a break from each hobby every once in a while to recharge!) I’m on the path to learning both trades and utilize them for their own respective usefulness. Hurray!


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