Assisting that roadtrip

My dearest boyfriend is leaving the US Navy at the end of this month and has been granted terminal leave until the 26th, to return for a couple of days and then be out for good. He’s moving to SD to attend college and get a computer engineering degree (hurray!). He’s already arranged for an apartment there, and yesterday he left to go to it. Essentially he’s making a road trip from San Diego to South Dakota – very exciting!

In order to help make the trip less boring (and being stuck halfway across the world from him I can’t go with him) I got a Skype unlimited US subscription for the month. He has an unlimited cellphone plan and a smartphone charger for his car. Yesterday we spent over 4 hours on the phone together continuously, chatting and laughing while he drove. It’s interesting learning about the US roads and landscape even though I can’t see it!

We use GPS trackers on our phones to know where the other is (not in a stalker kind of way, but mostly to share our lives while we live apart and to help soothe my separation anxiety), so I was able to follow his progress and help him pick out a town to spend the night in, along with finding a motel and food. He slept in Utah last night and will be up shortly to continue his trip.

The remaining distance will be a 13 hour drive minimum, so I’m checking out some places for him to stay at for the last night. I just know he’ll argue that he can make it in one trip, but I hope to convince him to rest after 6pm. It would kill me if he got hurt because he pushed himself too much, and I refuse to let him sleep in the car cause he didn’t make it to the next town over. Here’s to hoping this stubborn man will listen to me and let me help him!


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