Lace it up!

Remember when I promised I’d share pictures of my corset? I didn’t until today! Whoops. I haven’t been able to wear the one with a skirt in public yet because the skirt is wayyyy too short, and I’m currently still waiting for a pair of cute thigh length leggings to complete the look so my butt isn’t on display for the world. The other one I’ve successfully worn in combination with both jeans and skirts, hurray!

corset1 corset3

Doesn’t it look pretty as hell? I think I look really good in it! I really love the support it gives me for my back, but taking it off feels amazing too, hah.

I’ve been dropping weight very slowly but steadily and I’m a little sad that my corsets may be too big in the near future at this rate. I might have to sell them and buy new ones in a smaller size, but it hurts just a little as these were a present from my boyfriend. That’s the downside of losing weight and buying clothing that is supposed to last a long time, and cannot be downsized on the sewing machine. (Maybe it is possible to get them sized down by a professional? I’ll have to look into it, as long as it’s not as or more pricey than outright buying a new one…)

That by itself is still a good sign though! It means I’m healthier, and healthier is good.


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