A terrifying tale

Steam Summer Sales are on until the 21st, and that means my wallet cries and shrivels up before I even know what’s happening. My first SSS purchase is a questionable one though.


Outlast. A first person survival horror game reminiscent of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but with a modern twist and horribly frightening jump scares that made me scream and fling my mouse at my monitor within the first 10 minutes. The reviews on Steam are hilariously accurate and the game itself is not one I want to play at night time.

I’m not easily frightened, but the atmosphere in the game is magnificent and keeps you on your toes. You expect something to lurk behind every door, but you’re still not prepared for when you finally run into something. The usage of a hand-held camera with night vision to guide you through the game is not new to the horror genre (think of The Blair Witch Project) but I haven’t encountered it in a game before and it’s clever.


The game warns of violence, sex and scary things. Gore is prevalent throughout the game and I’m curious to see how the sexual aspect comes into play. But so far I have to say, Outlast will be a favorite of mine. I wore Amnesia TDD thin to the point where it was no longer interesting to play, but Outlast is a worthy successor to continue my horror game addiction.


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