Brief notice

Just a few quick notes:

  • I changed my blog’s theme! I felt it was time for a change. I adore mermaids and a sea theme fits perfectly with that!
  • The artwork in the header was drawn by me (from scratch, I am an artist), but it belongs to The RP Repository. It placed in a contest and they own it now, but I was allowed to use it on my blog as long as I give credit (which I do in the sidebar). 🙂
  • I really want to exercise today, but my period started and it didn’t start slow like usual. Instant kick in the uterus, ugh. I think I’ll forfeit my undoubtedly extremely uncomfortable stationary bike ride and go for a walk instead, possibly after dinner. I don’t need a pushed to the limit exercise routine, but I do have to stop myself from being stationary too much!
  • I’m doing well with my little diary on the side, keeping track of some of my activities and what I eat.
  • Gotta keep an eye on my bank account, as soon as my money comes in I have to order new glucometer test strips. I’m running low and would like to have some before the beginning of next week.

Yeah, I think that’s it! Isn’t it wonderful how writing down some things can help you sort your day?


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