It doesn’t HAVE to be that way

Just a quick update to vent some frustration: diabetes isn’t the end of the fucking world. It’s mainly inconvenient to manage, but it’s not bad enough to warrant depressing sob stories about how life is unfair and you’re going to die if you can’t eat cake anymore while moaning about the junk food you can’t have any longer.

Stop having text funerals for your cake. Try to look at the positive side: you’re getting fucking healthy again by making better choices. You’re not having your feet amputated by making better choices. You’re less likely to die of heart disease by making better choices. You can kick diabetes’ ass by making better choices. CELEBRATE THAT SHIT!

I think it’s a good thing I didn’t end up joining diabetes forums. My life’s depressing enough without this negative nancy attitude I run into every time I look up diabetic related stuff.


2 thoughts on “It doesn’t HAVE to be that way

  1. I wish I could like this ten million times. So many people get wrapped up in the fact of having something like diabetes. DO something about it. Don’t waste your life away saying “why me?”. I was misdiagnosed with diabetes when I was 15 and iit was the healthiest I ever was because my diet changed drastically! I never felt better. I may only actually have pcos but staying away from sugar helps immensely. I could sit and cry about how weight is hard to get off…or I could do something about it. Good for you for being awesome and kicking diabetes ass along with it!

    • Exactly!! And what many fail to realize is that once you wean off the sugar, it gets easier to say no. And when you’re healthy, it’s easy to plan your sweet tooth treats into your meals without negative consequences.

      No, you can’t eat unlimited cake, but with careful planning and some self control, you can DEFINITELY plan a small slice of it into your day every now and then. (My friend’s grandfather made a brownie fit into his day one day every week!) The upside is you learn to appreciate that little slice of cake so much more than if you were to scarf down half the cake in one sitting.

      But in order to do that, you HAVE to be healthy first. And that only happens when you make smart choices and learn to love the healthy food too, as well as learn to compromise.

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