A walk in the park

My morning started out with a lot of tiredness. I went to bed at 22:30 last night but didn’t fall asleep until midnight at least, so when my alarm went off at 8 I just told it to shut up and let me snooze for another 30 minutes. Then my full bladder kicked me out of bed and I begrudgingly got up and dressed. I spent 45 minutes dicking around online, had breakfast and went to group therapy.

I mostly just spent 2.5 hours knitting and reading on my tablet, which is fine. It’s been an incredibly busy week for me and I needed to take it easy. I texted a girl from group who forgot to show up today, and she invited me over. Initially I said yes, then my dad texted me that our walk tomorrow wouldn’t go through cause he was going fishing and if I wanted to go this afternoon. So I changed plans and arranged to go see my friend on Sunday (we’ll have lunch near a castle!), then went to my dad’s.

My blood sugar was at 9.5, but I had a sandwich anyway. We went and walked for about 4 kilometers in an hour, uphill and downhill through a quiet forest. It’s really warm in the sun today, and even in the shade of the forest it was pretty humid and sticky. I sweated buckets, and despite all my heavy breathing there was no stinging in my sides. It also didn’t take very long for me to catch my breath once we sat down on a bench for a minute or two, a testament to my improved condition! I sure am glad I bought a new pair of walking shoes yesterday, my back hasn’t bothered me as much as I thought it would.

As soon as we were home, I checked my levels and I was down to 4.3. I’m secretly glad my dad could see for himself how fast and deep my sugar crashes during physical activity. He was on a 6.5 himself, and he is the kind of person who finds it hard to accept that others may respond different than he does. I ate two pieces of Starburst I keep in my purse and had some coffee, and when I came home I had a piece of cucumber, some cheese and two whole grain cookies. I’m not sure what my levels are now but I feel good!

I need to remember to make some sugarfree iced coffee for tomorrow. I also feel constantly itchy because I’m afraid I got ticks on our walk. Yeurgh.


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