Remember to pace yourself

When your life changes because you want to be healthier or are fighting a condition, it’s almost frighteningly easy to become obsessed with things. One of the many potential examples is counting calories and/or macros.

Yes, both can be incredibly beneficial to making the right choices for your next meal. For diabetics like myself, carbs – ranging from fibers to complex carbs and simple carbs (sugar) – are an important measurement for our intake to avoid the dreaded high blood sugars. A good workout regime is wonderful for your health too. Eating lots of greens is good for you too.

But it’s okay not to be perfect at everything, and it’s okay not to count something obsessively, or push yourself to new limits every single day. You shouldn’t let this lifestyle change become an obsession that rules your entire day.

I notice that I’m becoming increasingly anxious when I’m not checking my blood sugar, and this is a worrisome development. I’m by nature someone who fixates dramatically on one thing and goes to the max, then burns out and drops everything to recover in a corner. It’s why I taught myself not to weigh in every day, or even every week. It’s why I stopped counting calories so I wouldn’t go nuts and starve myself for the sake of numbers. And now I need to learn to let go of my blood sugar values and only check once or twice a week, or if I’m feeling really bad and don’t know why. If I don’t do this, it becomes a source of stress. And stress hormones increase the glucose levels in your blood, so you pretty much always lose!

You need to enjoy your life too, and if all you can do the whole day is fret over missed numbers, missed exercise or whether or not you can eat this single piece of Starburst, then you’re doing yourself a great disservice. As long as you pace yourself and don’t go over the top, it’s totally okay to cut your exercise regime short by 10 minutes today, and do your full regime tomorrow. It’s absolutely fine to have that piece of candy and not check your levels before or after and just focus on enjoying it.

Remember that this is not a race for the finish line. You need to find peace within yourself in order to not give up on meeting your goals. Stressing over what are essentially insignificant issues won’t give you peace, and it will make your journey towards your goals unnecessarily hard.


5 thoughts on “Remember to pace yourself

  1. I had a habit of weighing myself three times a day. It was super unhealthy and obviously extremely obsessive! I had to get rid of my scale so I would stop obsessing as much as I was.

    You are absolutely right, we have to enjoy our life!

    • I absolutely know that feeling! I think people who are obsessing with the scale are helped better by measuring inches, or alternatively noticing a difference in clothing fit. Sometimes when we diet and exercise, fat is replaced by muscle mass and it looks like we don’t lose weight on the scale – or even gain some! But in reality our mass just grew denser and we have lost inches and are healthier for it.

      That and when you’re a woman, your monthly cycle can make up to 7lbs difference in a matter of 1-2 weeks. It messes with your mind and discourages easily, even though you lose those pounds rapidly after you menstruate.

      I’m glad you found something that works for you though!! 🙂 It’s always great to hear how people found their balance in these things.

  2. This is a really refreshing read, I too am guilty of this, when I journey into being healthy I want to sort everything, and don’t forgive myself for tiny shortfalls in my blood sugars or weight. It becomes all or nothing with no middle ground, but true, it isn’t good for us

    • I was raised with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude, which has been a bad combination for me in a number of ways. If I’m doing something, I have to go for it 200% because ‘that’s the only right way to do it’. It wasn’t until I was physically paying for it that I forced myself to stick to those middle grounds. Moderation is the key to everything that’s good in life — too much or too little of anything is bad. I’m grateful I have friends who helped me with this, and I’m doubly glad that my post has been helpful to you! 🙂

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