Besiege the castle!



My Sunday was pretty good. I’m still pretty exhausted from this week and despite it being busy, my friend and I had lunch at a castle and it was good and relaxing. Yes, an actual real castle. Probably not as traditional as you’re picturing right now, but a 18th century castle nonetheless!

I had an easy breakfast during the morning and decided not to hold back for lunch, but to make smart choices.

Smart choicee #1:
No sugary drinks. I opted for some mint tea with a little splenda in both my hot teas.

Smart choice #2:
I ordered a sandwich on brown bread with seeds instead of white bread.

Smart choice #3:
I made sure to get a protein heavy sandwich by ordering a chicken sandwich.

Smart choice #4:
I ate the green on the plate before I ate the sandwich to give my stomach some fiber before the rest came in.

I didn’t worry or fuss over my bloodsugar, partially because it’s a hot day, partially because I see no point in fussing over what I’m eating on the extremely rare occasions I’m going out for food. I still have the luxury of not having to count carbs for insulin so might as well enjoy it. 🙂 Once we were finished eating, I even ordered some ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. I didn’t even care. It’s been so long since I had ice cream like this and I wasn’t feeling bad so I gobbled that baby up like there was no tomorrow.

When we got back later, my blood sugar was at 8.9. I think it probably got a little higher than that over the course of the hour following my test, but honestly? That’s really not bad and I was on my way in a hot car soon afterwards anyway. I doubt my sugar remained very high.

For dinner I stuck to a simple chicken salad with two small plums for dessert. After I vacuumed I had a sugar free frozen hot chocolate and some whole wheat cookies, and I’ve no idea what my levels are right now but I don’t feel bad. I’m just tired from this week and today.

Naturally I can’t repeat today, multiple times a week. It’s really a ‘once in a while’ thing and that’s fine. 🙂 I had lunch at a beautiful castle with a wonderful friend on a beautiful terrace and it was a good Sunday.


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