Mental illness and me

I haven’t spoken of mental illness in a while! I’ve been very busy with therapy and getting my life on track, but my diabetes has also had the upper hand for a while. Recently something happened that made me think a lot about my conditions and how the world responds to it, so I’ve turned to my blog to unload my thoughts again.

“So, what happened?” Tumblrites did, unfortunately. In case you’re unaware, Tumblr is home to the Social Justice Warriors movement, a very toxic, cult-like environment that twists something meant to be positive into a dark pit of forced guilt and self-victimization. You may want to refer to this image, its corresponding Reddit thread and this amazing article on Social Justice Bullies for a better understanding of this place. For reference, I am 100% pro-social justice and equality, but I am 1000% anti-Tumblr SJW/equality. They’re two very different things, I’m sad to say.

A reoccurring theme for SJWs is to be offended by damn near everything, something they inflict upon themselves more often than is actually inflicted upon them, and instead of taking responsibility for their offended feelings, they force everyone else to ‘stop being offensive’. I hope you’re rolling your eyes already, because that’s the only suitable response to such behavior.

Saying you are offended is just another way of saying you’re unable to control and take responsibility for your own feelings. Feelings are personal and cannot be controlled by others, otherwise we could force true love upon others . Feelings are not the truth, nor the cold hard facts that come before emotions. Debating feelings is impossible because they can’t be right or wrong, they have no morality, they just are, yet here we are in a community that considers feelings the ultimate trump card to rule superior over others and dictate their actions without holding themselves accountable. That’s why so much of the argumentation of Tumblr SJWs is flawed and can be tossed right out of the window. (But don’t tell them that, you’ll offend their fragile little souls.)

Being offended is an art among these people, but what really tops the charts is their continuous offense on behalf of others. Just a few days ago, I witnessed a person who (claims to) suffer from depression and anxiety, speak up about the damage that is done to people like me by inaccurately or obsessively playing mental illness in roleplay characters. That’s the summary of the topic, and there is a lot wrong with that.

Being offended on behalf of others, even if you have something (mental illness) in common, is rude and presumptuous.
I was not alone at feeling misrepresented by this person. They spoke on behalf of autistic, depressed and anxious people as if all of us feel this way. I disagreed, two of my autistic friends disagreed and more than a handful of similar sufferers disagreed with the notion. Even if we share a common illness, it does not mean I automatically speak for you. I only speak for myself, my own illness, the effect it has on my own life, never yours. I cannot know what you go through or how you feel, and neither can you say these things about me. Speak for yourself only. Even then you can’t make claims on what people SHOULD do – you hold no authority on that, and it’s disgusting that you think you do just because you have an opinion and feelings on the issue.

The only way people like us get hurt is when others refuse to educate themselves.
I have no problem with people playing roleplay characters with mental illnesses, even if they do it wrong, have the character exist solely as their illness and so forth. Let them play. I choose not to play with them to show I disagree with the execution of their ideas. That is within my power, and if nobody roleplays with their shitty characters, then they realize that there’s no point in playing a character nobody likes and they’ll grow wiser. I’m guilty of shitty writing when I was younger myself, what helped me be more sensible is not people telling me they were upset with me. It was simply the fact nobody played with me that drove me to better myself. No amount of my being offended will change their mind. My feelings don’t matter – my actions do. I’m also a firm believer that someone who chooses to take shitty writing at face value is someone who wouldn’t have understood or acted sensibly in regards to my illnesses either way. Someone who cares will educate themselves, ask questions, research from reliable sources or even consult professionals, something the former person wouldn’t do anyway. The real hurt is not in the wrong portrayal of an illness, but in the way people choose to handle the information they receive or need to receive.

I have a lot of things wrong with me, but I’m very much capable of speaking of these things myself. I don’t need someone else to have feelings on issues on my behalf, most definitely not offense! I still choose what I’m offended about, and to try and pry this basic right out of my hands through despicable attempts to force yourself on others makes you a shitty person.


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