Food, food and more food!

I go from  being comfortable to a trembling Popsicle all throughout the day at random. My heater doesn’t work, my landlord is nowhere to be found, and while I try to keep myself busy my back has been kicking me down again. Back on the morphine pills for me to help deal with the pain so I can do things.

I just weaned myself off them for the past 1-2 months and spent several weeks without. Now that I’ve taken them again a few days in a row, I’m in a drug haze all over again. Whatever resistance I had built up to the drug is gone. I’m tired, but I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. (Last night, I woke up at 5am. I couldn’t get back to sleep until 8am, after which I had trouble getting up because I was so exhausted.) It’s frustrating.

Seems like the only thing I have any control over at the moment is my blood sugar. I’ve been doing well, in part thanks to my bentos. I make sure to stuff them with veggies and proteins, and a small serving of carbs; I eat everything in that order too, which has a significant impact on my bs control. No high spikes for this gal! There have been some studies on this (how eating veggies and proteins before carbs reduces bs by 30% compared to eating carbs first) and I can only say that it works for me. If you want carbs but struggle with keeping your levels down, give this method a whirl if you haven’t already. It allows me to eat plain white rice without disastrous consequences! Huzzah!

My slowcooker has been a wonderful addition to my bento making, in that it lets me cook rice perfectly sticky, fluffy and plump without any burned bits. I take 1 cup sushi rice with 1 cup water (you can rinse the rice if you like, I’ve found the difference so minimal I sometimes skip that step) and cook it on high for 1.5 hours. Then I turn off the slowcooker and let it sit for another 15-30 minutes before making onigiri or serving the rice. It comes out perfect every time. 🙂 Yes, it takes ‘long’ (a relative term though), but while the rice is cooking I can cook other dishes without having to worry and fuss over a pan on the stove top.

I considered buying a rice cooker, but in all honesty, the slowcooker does the job well enough. I can’t justify spending money on another kitchen device that I have no storage space for! They tend to be used interchangeably as it is, anyway.

I am very glad I found a local toko. Lots of Japanese products run at insanely high prices in supermarkets here, if they even sell it at all. For example, sushi rice costs €1.84 for 450 grams of rice. That’s €41 for 10 kilograms of rice. Guess how much I paid for 10kgs of sushi rice in the toko? €15. It’s an insane difference, and by buying a huge bag of rice I don’t need to worry about having a food staple in the house for the next 6-12 months. There are other items I found there at reasonable prices, such as daifuku and nori sheets, so I should be good for a while!


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