So much to do, so little time

And energy. I have very little of that lately, too. I’m anxiously awaiting my court date on the 26th to officially have a judge transfer my financial management over to a specialized agency. I started a social skills course. I had my final meeting for the grant to continue group therapy. It’s exhausting and I’m feeling a little drained from group twice a week, as well.

On the upside I received several bento accessories I ordered from eBay. They really cheer up my lunch!

2015-10-02 (1)

Look at that yummy goodness and adorable decoration! I have a mixed salad (lettuce, spring onion, cucumber, croutons) with some sweet pointed pepper slices with cheese and cucumber, marinated sesame chicken bites, tamagoyaki (made with ketjap manis, hence the dark color), onigiri, daifuku and apple slices, as well as some dressing for the salad.

I’m eager to try out different flavors of the daifuku, so I’m going to visit the toko again really soon!


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