Knitting stress away

I’m a little high strung this week. My cold finally pushed through and my throat is killing me. Trying to stay warm with my convector heater but it’s so-so. I’m writing my landlord next week and demand it be fixed within 14 days because these are not livable conditions.

In the meantime I’m knitting my socks. I put them on hold for a while but I worked the heel last night. I really like the Fish Lips Kiss heel, it’s convenient, easy and leaves no gaps. At least, it shouldn’t. I took up someone’s tips on knitting the Twin Stitch Purl differently than the instructions (which does look nice), but I suspect it caused the gaps on the purl sides of my socks. The knit sides are fine. I managed to fix it by picking up a stitch leg somewhere, but it’s still kind of visible. Poop. Oh well, I think next time I’ll do the side stitch with the original TSP rather than my modified one. I think that ought to fix it in future socks. (Which I’m planning a lot of!)


I didn’t use a silly cardboard template (seems kind of atrocious to me, once I know someone’s measurements I can work the sock according to my gauge). Just CO 20 stitches with this yarn and these needles, increased to 70, knit 22cm (which is up to my ankle bone, 5cm away from the back of my heel), started the heel, and now I’ll knit the leg until I’m almost out of yarn; finishing up with a 1″ rib edge.

My foot measurements are 27-28cm in length and 24cm circumference at the largest part of my foot. So far the sock first perfectly. 🙂 And  no need to worry about whether or not I’ll have enough yarn left, thanks to knitting toe-up!

What project is on your needles right now?


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