The Spiral Socks

I finished my 70 stitch vanilla sock the other day. 🙂 They turned out great! I’ll have to put more care into my bind-offs in the future, mine are super tight but just barely big enough to fit my foot through. Got to make sure other socks don’t have that problem. I used Liat Gat’s Invisible Ribbed BO but I’m considering a loose Elizabeth Zimmerman BO too. All that needs to be done is less tightening when I cast off each stitch.

I don’t have any sock blockers and frankly, I can’t justify spending extra time blocking them after each wash anyway, so the crumpled socks will have to do. Nobody can tell when I wear them anyway. The yarn is Lana Grossa – Meilenweit Relax in colorway 2905.

20151018_015140I was surprised by how much yarn I had left. I’m a size 44/45 EU (11-12 US) and expected to not have enough yarn out of my 100 gram ball. After finishing up a lengthy leg and a 1″ ribbed cuff, I still have 15 grams left. As I’ll be knitting more socks in the future and I hate wasting yarn, I’ve started project Frankensocks. I’ll be collecting all scraps of sock yarn and put it in my baggy over time until I have about 95 grams of yarn total. Then I will knit a new pair of socks with all the leftovers, regardless of whether or not the yarn matches! We all need a little crazy in our life, right?

20151018_020900With that behind me, I started knitting a cunning hat for my friend. She loves Firefly and I was happy to knit her a hat. I ordered some super bulky yarn in almost matching colors and made this monstrosity. I didn’t use any existing pattern, I just winged it. I knit it fairly large cause she measured between 23-24″ and would rather have it a touch too large than too tight fitting. I also didn’t know how the yarn would behave once tied together at the top. To my understanding, Ma Cobb never decreased to make a neat finish at the top, so I didn’t either. With super bulky yarn…. that got iffy!

I may have overestimated the length of the total hat, but my friend said “IT’S FINE!” in all caps so I guess it’s time for the flaps and pompom. 😀

But wait, there’s more! Now that I found a pattern that works for my socks in fingering weight yarn, I can also knit socks for my boyfriend. We’re the exact same size which is awesome. After asking which colors he wanted, I tried to find an orange/yellow only sock yarn at my LYS but only found one that included gray. Which is fine, I’m sure it will look nice either way. The yarn I picked is Lana Grossa – Meilenweit Bronx in colorway 6703. I cast on the toes and will be trying out a new ‘pattern’ when I’m done increasing.

Another friend of mine gave me a Dutch sock knitting book. It’s been badly translated from the German original so I’m not going to be working too closely out of it, but this spiral stockinette/inverse stockinette pattern is simple and looks very good to me! I’ll be knitting only the front half in this pattern to avoid discomfort on the sole, but after the heel the rest of the leg will spiral with it. Aww yeah.

I really should be finishing up other projects, but these are the only ones that are keeping my interest at the moment. I’ve been really sick with a bad cold and my heating unit is nonfunctional, and I apparently have a nonfunctional landlord too, so who knows when that’s fixed. With snow having fallen earlier this week I’m trying to stay cozy with my gas heater, but god knows how long I can use it until the flask runs out of gas.

Either way, I’m trying to keep my focus on portable and easy to manage projects right now.


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