Sweater madness:

  1. Finish up the damn Real Genius sweater.
  2. Finish up the summer cotton top.
  3. Only then start thinking about all the other shit you want to cast on.

A friend of mine showed me the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan pattern the other day. After getting some help on figuring out the wording in some parts, I’m ready and most of all excited to get started. Except… I feel quite weighted down by my unfinished projects.

My Real Genius sweater still hasn’t been assembled. It’s ready to go, really ready to go, since last Christmas. I wanted to block it before seaming, but I’ve let my dining table be a mess so I didn’t have the room. Then I let my lack of motivation be my guide. This summer, I started a summer cotton top which front is almost done, and then all I need to do is finish the last piece on the back and bind off.

I really want to finish them both. I also really want to start on two more sweaters. I even ordered yarn for another sweater. How can I do this when I haven’t even finished a single top garment?!

I guess I got a little overexcited when I made a Spreadsheet for the ICFR pattern’s measurement calculations. It really is a thing of beauty! It’ll be so easy to make spreadsheets for everyone who wants a sweater, and it’s easy to adjust in case their measurements change. (And because I have both friends who measure in either inches or cms, I adjusted the sheet to account for both measurements.)

2015-10-19So what do I do now? Well… I have socks on the needles, a portable project I’ll focus on now. I finished the Jayne hat for my friend last night, so that’s done. I guess it’s time to tackle that damn summer top and get it done with this week, then wash and block the sweater pieces in the meantime. (That means I’m going to clean that table tomorrow.)

Maybe when both of those are done, I will be able to feel less anxious about having another top on the needles.


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