Inhale, hold, exhale

Wow, it’s already Friday. For most this means the weekend! For me it means Monday is only two days and three nights away, which means the court date is drawing super near.

Realistically speaking I have nothing to fear. This is just a small legal procedure wherein I tell a judge I agree to have my finances and financial responsibilities transferred to a specialized agency, something I requested myself. It’s the unknown, my first time in such a legal setting, that drives me up the wall. I’m trying not to think about Monday. Let’s focus on Friday first, then the weekend.

I’m still fighting my cold. I lost my voice last week, then I got a little perkier, then sometime this week my throat felt like a pin cushion and I’m coughing a lot again. Yesterday I got my flu shot though. I have a mild reaction every year (expected and normal), ranging from a sore spot where they injected and some general cold-like symptoms such as a headache and a very mild fever. I think I just feel worse because I’ve also got this cold at the same time, while stressed out about things. (I checked, as long as I didn’t have a fever at the time of the shot, you can get the flu shot while having a cold.) Either way I’m happy I don’t have to worry about the flu anymore until next year.

2015-10-23Being sick, I haven’t felt up to making daily bentos. My appetite is all over the place and I just didn’t feel like cooking extras or eating leftovers the next day. As I’m going back to group today, I made a bento though!

It’s nothing that special. Just a salad with bell pepper, cucumber and feta, a ‘rundervink’ (ground seasoned beef rolled into a thick sausage with a thin beef layer around it), some salad dressing, a red bean mochi, tamagoyaki (I couldn’t stash it nicely), a plain sesame seed onigiri and diced apple slices with cinnamon dusting.

I’m kind of bummed that all the mandarin oranges we have around here are too big to fit nicely into the bento though. I can’t wait for the nets with the smaller variety to pop up soon, they make fun looking pumpkins with my leaf bento picks.

I also have some knitting updates!

  • I finished the front of my summer top, but I put the back stitches on some waste yarn and put the whole project on hold. I don’t have the motivation to finish a top I won’t be able to wear until the summer.
  • Still haven’t cleaned up the table. Every time I think about it, my mind just shuts off and focuses on something else; it requires energy I don’t have right now, as much as I hate myself for letting this mess stay. Blocking my real genius sweater isn’t on the menu quite yet. Maybe November will offer me the chance?
  • I got my parents’, my sister’s and my boyfriend’s measurements for socks and sweaters yesterday. Put everything into the charts I made and have knitting measurements ready to go as soon as I have yarn (and time) to knit. I think my boyfriend will get a sweater this winter, but my family will have to wait until next year. I’ll need to get yarn for them first.
  • 2015-10-23 (1)Made the swatch with the yarn for my boyfriend’s sweater. We chose Fiammato Grey. It’s machine washable for easy care. The yarn is pretty interesting — its thickness varies, I think they call this flammé yarn? It knits up lovely on 5mm needles with interesting bumps where the yarn gets thicker. I hope nobody mistakes it for a tension issue! I made the swatch according to the pattern’s instructions: cast on 20 sts and knit 4″ in your desired stitch pattern. It measures up a perfect 11cms from edge to edge.
  • 2015-10-23 (2)The spiral socks are coming along very quickly. The stockinette/inverse stockinette section slows me down on every row because I can’t autopilot it (gotta count everything properly) but as soon as I try them on, I fall in love all over again! It looks weird when not on someone’s feet, but when the fabric stretches it smooths out and looks pretty amazing. I also tried Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off in the sweater swatch to see if I’ll like it for socks, and I think I will use it for this pair. I’m only 3.5cms away from starting the heel, I might get to that in group today.



2 thoughts on “Inhale, hold, exhale

    • Thanks! ❤ I'm not sure if I'm casting it on yet, I think I'll finish the socks first to keep down my 'too many projects at once' guilt. 😛 But it's happening very, very soon. (Maybe I can take the socks with me to court.)

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