Don’t sweat it

My back busted again earlier this week. No idea how or why, it just did. I had to lay down in bed or risk going down again. It’s a big bucket of suck, that’s what this is. I’m just glad it’s before Christmas and not on it like last year.

It’s a little difficult to focus on the socks’ legs and cuffs at the moment. I have to count constantly, my meds are making me tired, so I ended up casting on the sweater. I’ve already got 15cms done on the raglan and it’s a brainless matter until I reached 27cms. I’m not sure why I put off knitting a sweater for so long, socks are genuinely more difficult to make.


I’m sing the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan pattern with my boyfriend’s measurements and Ice Yarns Fiammato (Grey) yarn to knit with. It’s going to be a plain stockinette sweater with ribbed hems on the neck, sleeves and bottom, so hopefully it knits up fast. The yarn if flammé (meaning the yarn thickness varies along the thread) which shows in the knitting, and I really love it!


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