Our little baby

My boyfriend has been eagerly following my progress on his sweater. It’s going stupidly fast and I pray I can keep up the pace and finish it within a few weeks. I started it on October 30th and I’m already past the armholes and working the rest of the body in less than a week. To be fair, I have been knitting ridiculously much too. It helps distract me from the constant pain to make life a little easier. Between Sims 3 loading screens and watching the final seasons of The Office (US) there’s not a whole lot for me to do.

Now one of the reasons I love my man so much is his sense of humor. I wasn’t surprised (but extremely delighted) when he wrote a little story on the conception of our little sweater.

“The fertilized skein has grown into a blastula, a hollow sphere of yarn cells. In time, it will travel down the usps tract, and emerge into the world as a newborn sweater.

The male sweater protects its young from cats and washing machines, while the female forages for yarn in the harsh wilderness of ravelry.com.

-Morgan Freeman

If you don’t think it’s hilarious please leave, this is not the place for you!


My dad questioned the ‘blob of yarn’ that the sweater was initially. “I don’t understand how that will turn into a sweater, I must be too stupid for this.” It’s alright dad, almost every knitting project’s starting phase looks like a disaster! As you can see it’s starting to resemble a sweater at this point. Or, as one of my group counselors pointed out, a ‘crop top’. 😛 (Everyone is so funny lately!)


I finished up another pair of Knitted Knockers for the same lady I knitted another pair for before. I brought them to group with me because my counselor is the person mediating between us and she’ll hand them over. Everyone in group wanted to check them out. I really appreciated all the commendations I get for knitting for charity, but the real treat is knowing how much the recipient loves them. By the sound of it I may have a few more requests to knit in the near future. Looking forward to it. 🙂

So yeah, lots of knitting going on lately. I hope my back improves soon. I’m going to have to buckle down and finish my boyfriend’s socks and then knit three pairs of vanilla socks for Christmas. (I can do this, I can do this, I can do this…)

What’s on your needles right now? Any Christmas knitting in progress?


4 thoughts on “Our little baby

  1. As the young clothing grows in size and shape, it must be wary of female garments whose young did not survive the harsh winter. They will attempt to unravel it in a vulgar display of power; however, this is rare, as both parents of this young sweater seem to have keen eyes. Once it is out of the mothers usps tract, it should have a long, fruitful life, perhaps bearing garments of its own someday.

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