It’s all about that stretch

Yay more knitting updates! I finished the body of the sweater last night and finished binding off in the morning. I already started on one of the sleeves but then I remembered I had some socks that needed finishing up too.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I really, really love this yarn. It turns boring stockinette into something more fun to look at. πŸ™‚ I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off in rib pattern and it’s lovely and stretchy without flaring out much at all. I’m definitely using it for the sleeves and collar too. I can’t wait to wash and block it though, it looks so crumpled here!

Anyway, I put the sweater aside for just this moment and am working on finishing up the 1″ rib on my boyfriend’s socks.

2015-11-07 (1)

2015-11-07 (2)Also a case of “it looks like crap before blocking”, but I’ve tried them on and they look fabulous when worn! I only just started the rib but I hope to finish most of it tonight and bind off tomorrow. I’m working some knitting-in-elastic (from Prym) to the cuff. My own socks seem to have permanently stretched out at the cuff to accommodate my calves/lower legs and it makes me sad. The elastic isn’t terribly expensive if you only use it in 1″ of cuff so I gave it a shot.

Working the cuff goes slow though. The elastic makes the stitches less smooth on the cable and it’s a little tricky not getting four different sources of yarn/thread mixed up. The elastic is also invisible so I sometimes can’t really see if I’m knitting the elastic as well or if I lost the thread somewhere along the way. I know it’s going to pay off though, so I’m just soldiering through! πŸ™‚

Do you have any experience with working elastic into your socks or other garments? What do you love or hate about it?


4 thoughts on “It’s all about that stretch

    • Oh that’s interesting! I’ve heard about adding elastic after knitting, but I never really knew how to do it without overstretching the elastic. It gets a little sticky to yarn (which is good when you knit it into it) for me. Unless shirting elastic is different?

      I’d like to know more!

  1. Good idea using elastic. Tell us how it went. I had found it in a beanie someone gave me as a gift (it was bought and not hand knitted), but I found it made the hat sit nicer and not slip down or fall off..

    • I just finished weaving in the ends on the socks and it went quite well! It takes some practice (as with everything), but the shape holds splendidly. πŸ™‚ I’m definitely doing this for all the socks I’m knitting.

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